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# A S T O N  D O L L A R S  # S P 2


(A$ton Dollar$)
Composer/Entertainer/Recording Artist in The Genres of HipHop/R&B/Pop/Alternative    


Marlon Beaudouin (born July 17, 1986) better known by his stage name  (Aston dollars), is an aspiring American Rap/R&B artist. Marlon was born to Haitian parents and raised in Hillside, Queens, and N.Y. His first introduction to music was through piano instructions as a child. He also participated in musical activities at his church and school. In junior high school, he began writing his own music producing songs. During this time, Marlon was introduced to different artist in the business that inspired him and guided him into improving his musical projects. Jeremy Gonzalez, aka “The Jerm”, introduced Marlon to different beats and techniques for improving his sound. James Williams, an old school producer, taught Marlon how to use words to add meaning and taste to his work. Dwight Hardware, aka “ Trix Da Producer “ a phenomenal beat maker pushing Aston at his very best to becoming an inspiring music artist with his new school style and techniques. Aston has a very authentic way to his rhyming & singing. He is very versatile with concepts when it comes to his lyrics. Not only are his lyrics spectacular in the fact they are deep and at some points make you question facts about your own life, but also the fact he is obligated to getting his thoughts on paper shows his passion for the music. Passion that you yourself can feel when you sit back and actually listen, no do not listen HEAR what he is trying to portray. The determination from this twenty nine year old will shock you. The consistent hits, which pour from his mind is “remarkable” The way he portrays himself as a true Artist. Aston gets the party started wherever he is at. Today, Marlon’s passion continues to grow as he spends his free time in the studio recording and producing songs such as What's My Name, Stripper Pole and Stripper Pole 2, in preparation for his upcoming album.






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